Introducing your web3 phone number

Stay connected anywhere in the world. Activate your web3 phone number today.


Global Reach, Secure Connection

No More SIM Swap Worries

Enhance your phone security with our KNS SIM Swap Protection feature. With our advanced protection, you can confidently use your phone from any location without worrying about unauthorized access or third-party interference. Our solution empowers users with unparalleled control and peace of mind, guaranteeing safe and consistent connectivity wherever your journey takes you

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1. Connect

Connect your encrypted digital wallet and securely store your web3 phone number as an NFT and personalized wallet.

2. Register

You can purchase your phone number NFT using KONE, Crypto or Major Credit Card.

3. Manage

Manage your contacts, addresses and digital ID through your issued phone number via the Karrier One Dashboard.

4. Transfer

Our proprietary Karrier Number System (KNS) serves as a universal phone number, enabling seamless money and crypto transfers to the wallet of your choice, receipt of funds, plus global voice and SMS capabilities.

One web3 identity to do it all.

Get all your communications in one place-on the map and on web3.


Your Dashboard

is your oyster

View, track, and manage your Karrier Number System (KNS) anytime on your very own Dashboard.

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It just takes 2 minutes

Bring on new efficiencies with faster, more reliable connectivity for all your business systems.


Connect your web3 wallet to Karrier One.

Add funds

Fund your wallet with $10 by card, $KONE, or Crypto.


Submit all required information to complete your registration.

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Take your place in the forever network. Take your place in the forever network.

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